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The Barrymore Theatre Chair-ity Appeal

The historic Barrymore Theatre, an 88-year-old Madison entertainment institution and architectural landmark, is in need of capital improvements. We are beginning with your bottom and will be working our way to the top of the Dome over the next 12 years, as we approach the 100th anniversary of the building. The first project will be to replace the Theatre’s worn-out seating. The Barrymore needs to raise $200,000 to purchase and install approximately 750 new seats for the comfort and enjoyment of its patrons.

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Why fund the Chair-ity Appeal?

  1. The Barrymore Theatre is more than just an entertainment venue: its changeover to a music venue in 1987 sparked the economic revitalization of the neighborhood.
  2. Without comfortable seats, people will not continue to attend events at The Barrymore. Your contribution toward the new seating means that we can continue to be one of the best places for live music and entertainment in Dane County.
  3. Your bottom and the bottoms of all those who enjoy shows at The Barrymore will forever thank you.
  4. Your contribution will enable The Barrymore to continue to be an independent, community-run force for positive investment in the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood and beyond.

The Need

The current seating at The Barrymore Theatre has been in place since 1967. For 50 years, thousands of people have made good use of those seats. Now they are in need of replacement. We anticipate that the new seats and the work involved in installation will cost $200,000 and we are looking to raise that money through ­our Chair-ity Appeal.


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Frequently asked questions of sponsors and donors

Isn’t The Barrymore Theatre privately owned?

The Barrymore is owned by the Atwood Barrymore Corporation, a 501(c)3 corporation.

Would my contribution to the Atwood Barrymore Corporation go toward operations, or will it be for the Chair-ity Appeal?

The Barrymore’s operations are self-sustaining, 100% of donations to the Atwood Barrymore Corporation will go to the Chair-ity Appeal.

Haven’t I already seen a fundraising campaign for The Barrymore?

It has been a very long time since The Barrymore Theatre appealed to its fans, friends, neighbors and corporate citizens to help fund improvements that will keep this Madison fixture in great shape for another 88 years.

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