About Us

The Barrymore Theatre is a 971-capacity live music venue on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. Originally built as the Eastwood Theater in 1929, the Barrymore was renamed in 1987 and converted into a live performance venue by two neighborhood visionaries. The goal was to create an entertainment and community venue that could serve as a centerpiece for the revival of Madison’s then-declining Schenk-Atwood neighborhood. The theater has held almost 3,000 shows and events including rock concerts, comedy performances, films, plays, dance recitals, broadcasts, political rallies, children’s programming, and community events.

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Disability Accessibility Information
The Barrymore has no steps at the entrance or to enter the Theatre’s main floor. We have an ADA area in the back corner of the main floor with it’s own entrance. If you are more mobile, we could put you as close as the front row. You would have to navigate down the sloped aisle but wheelchairs, walkers and shuffling feet have all made it down there. We would just remove a couple of folding chairs for wheelchairs if need be. There is an ADA compliant restroom in the lobby.

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