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April 10 @ 7:00 pm


Tickets: $15 advance/$17 day of show
Doors at 6PM/Films at 7PM


Due to the coronavirus pandemic and State of Emergency declared in Wisconsin, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival originally scheduled for April 10th at The Barrymore Theatre in Madison has been postponed. New date for the show will be announced soon. Tickets for the original date will be honored for the new date.


Friday, April 10th 2020 at 7PM




Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day!

Tickets: $15 advance/$17 day of show

Doors at 6PM/Films at 7PM

Thank you to our national sponsors: Klean Kanteen, Sierra Nevada, EarthJustice, Peak Design, and Hipcamp.

A celebration of the beauty of our planet in all of its complexity. A heartwarming and visually stunning selection of 2020 Wild & Scenic shorts, Earth day is a reminder to pause and appreciate the joy that can be found all around us.


Rocky Intertidal Zones
Filmed on the stunning Oregon Coast, this short film follows a 7-year-old boy as he
explores rocky intertidal zones. Prehistoric creatures and art materials further inspire
musings about ancient and present day life.

In Your Hands
Visceral imagery, emotional score, and a powerful speech by John F. Kennedy
underscore a timeless theme: we come from the sea. ‘In Your Hands’ invites viewers
to look inward and rediscover our connection with – and responsibility to – the natural

Sounds of Survival
The Amazon Rainforest and Brazil’s Indigenous peoples are under increasing attack
with President Bolsonaro and his regime’s devastating assaults on social and
environmental protections. Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)
International organized travels in New York for Sônia Bone Guajajara, a prominent
Indigenous leader, to denounce Bolsonaro’s assaults, and to advocate for the rights of
Indigenous Peoples, the climate, and the protection of the Amazon.
Wisconsin Wetlands Video Series—Whiteboard Animation about Watersheds
This 3-minute whiteboard animation from Clouds North Films and Wisconsin
Wetlands Association provides viewers with the 411 on how watershed health is
critical to wetland health, and thereby our community’s health.
Meadows – Yosemite Nature Notes
Yosemite National Park has over 3,000 meadows, which hold the greatest diversity
of plant and animal species despite only making up 3% of the park. In just the past
150 years, people have negatively impacted these fragile ecosystems. Yosemite
National Park, with the help of Yosemite Conservancy, is working hard to
rehabilitate these meadows that are an important part of the park’s natural and
cultural history.
Insect Guardian – Butterfly Paradise
82-year-old Willem bought a remote potato farm field back in 1980 and transformed
it into a butterfly paradise. For almost 40 years, he has worked the land with shovel
and scythe in order to preserve the butterflies. Butterflies that used to be common
just a few decades ago are rare these days or have completely disappeared.
Spawning Hope
Coral biologists are concerned about the genetic health of many endangered coral.
Spawning Hope follows a team of scientists as they attempt to use cryopreserved
coral sperm to introduce coral DNA to new populations of elkhorn coral. If this
technique works, it could have lasting impacts on how conservationists are able to
protect and restore endangered corals from near extinction.
Land Without Evil
Throughout history, people have always been searching for a perfect place. This short
film, based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal), offers another point of view on
paradise: what is the real paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of
everything alive?
In Celebration of Open Space
Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park pursues collaborative solutions to critical
environmental problems through discovery and learning. In 2018, we worked with
organizations and volunteers from Maine, the United States, and more than 19
different countries to enhance our understanding of the land and seascapes of Acadia
National Park and surrounding areas. After volunteers spent time outside walking,
observing, and recording data, we asked, what does open space mean to you?
Wild Toddler Chronicles: Legacy
With an endless supply of fruit snacks, plenty of extra underwear and a pile of old
photographs, two parents set out to retrace the route of an old adventure, this
time with a two-year-old in tow, hoping to inspire the next generation to care
about wild places.
Mi Mamá
Nadia Mercado grew up in a working-class community with her single mother, an
immigrant from the Dominican Republic, and three sisters. In this film, Nadia
recounts the ways that her mother helped shape the woman she is today: a cardiac
nurse, an outdoor athlete, and a woman who is dedicated to helping the Latinx and
POC outdoor communities. 54 Nature Now 4 Energy/Climate Change/Resources
N/A Made with no flights, recycled footage, and zero net carbon. Given away for
See Animals
This short, animated film shows unwelcome changes in an uncertain future.
Nature Now
Made with no flights, recycled footage, and zero net carbon. Given away for free.
Viewed 53 million times, played to the United Nations. This film is a personal and
passionate call to arms from Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot to use nature to
heal our broken climate.
Bare Existence
A behind the scenes look into the plight of the polar bear, Bare Existence
showcases the biologists on the front lines of protecting these species as they
battle against the effects of climate change threatening their existence. This film
presents a drastic cry for immediate attention and instills our viewer with hope,
illuminating present-day efforts for a brighter future.