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AtwoodFest 2018

July 28 - July 29


Join the Convergence on Saturday at 11:45 parading from the four corners of SASY. Festival kicks off at 12 on Saturday and we’ll be dancin’ in the street until Sunday at 8:00.
Produced by SASY Neighborhood Association,The Barrymore Theatre and the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center

Saturday, July 28 – Clyde Stubblefield Stage



Madison, WI
About: Big, funky Afrobeat band out of Madison, WI. Laying down serious rhythm & bringing all the people together onto the dance floor.

vidoes: https://www.facebook.com/pg/immigreband/videos/?ref=page_internal


Madison, WI

About: Wurk is a seven-piece funk fusion band striving to bring musical complexity and irresistible grooves to the forefront of the Madison music scene.

videos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Wurktheband/videos/?ref=page_internal


Porky’s Groove Machine
Appleton, WI

About: Porky’s Groove Machine is the intergalactic ambassador of the Midwest’s silliest nerd funk. Since forming in the fall of 2011 in Appleton, WI, we’ve spent the last five years playing around Wisconsin, touring the Midwest and East Coast twice.  

PGM features a three-piece horn section and an auxiliary percussionist on top of a traditional rock rhythm section, our sophisticated musicality and not-so-sophisticated humor has been described by Julian Loida of WIUX (Bloomington, IN) as “the vibe of the B-52s and the Flaming Lips combined with the sound of Phish, G. Love and Special Sauce, and New Orleans music.” Releases include our 2016 presidential campaign platform, “Make America Funk Again” (July 2016), in addition to “Magic Brunch” (May 2014) and “This Would Be A Great Present For My Grandma” (November 2011).

videos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/porkysgroovemachine/videos/?ref=page_internal


Madison, WI

About: Celebrating 11 years of epic dance parties. “There Will Be Dancing” 100% money-back guarantee.



Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Lincoln, Nebraska (Silver Street Records)

About: Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal is a powerfully authentic & original Soul/Funk band whose mission is to empower and encourage people to fight the good fight. He was also a contestant on the prime time tv show The Voice.


2015 Omaha Entertainment Awards – Best R&B/Soul
2014 Omaha Entertainment Awards – Best R&B/Soul
2014 Omaha Entertainment Awards – Album of the Year
2014 Blues Blast Magazine – New Artist of the Year Nominee
2014 Nebraska Blues Challenge – Winner
2013 Omaha Entertainment Awards – Best R&B/Soul

videos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JoshHoyerandSoulColossal/videos/?ref=page_internal


Saturday, July 28 – Heritage Stage


Kelsey Miles Band
Madison, WI

About: The hottest live band to hit Madison. We bring you covers and original music that speak to your soul and makes you dance. Countryish rock.


2018 Best of Madison Blues Singer of the Year nominee
2017 WAMI nomination New Artist of the Year
105.5 Triple M Project M Songwriting Finalists
May 2016 winner of Original songwriter showcase, Madison, WI



Valerie B. and the Boys

Valerie B. and the Boyz is a high powered, high energy band! VBBz adds their own musical flavor to cover Old School,Funk, Cont R&B, Blues, & Blues Rock!



Mississippi Cactus
Milwaukee, WI

About: Mississippi Cactus is rock n’ roll. Roots based, in your face, loud rock n’ roll. Together since 1995, these guys have been doing their thing all over the mid-west and east coast. They are seasoned veterans when it comes time to rock.

They take some influence from The Black Crowes and early 70’s era Rolling Stones and blend it with a modern touch to create a sound of all their own.

Live performances are key to this band. High energy and a general enthusiasm and love for their music is very evident. They have been known to play 4 hour sets with no breaks and still produce enough energy to spend the rest of the night drinking at the bar.

They have opened for many major acts Jeff Beck, B.B. King, Medeski Martin and Wood, G-Love and Special Sauce and Rusted Root just to name a few.They even headlined the famed CBGB’s in New York…..Be sure to get an album and check these guys out soon………



Paul Filipowiscz
Madison/Jefferson, WI

About: Madison blues guitar legend, Chicago Blues Hall of Fame member.



Jaedyn James & the Hunger
Minneapolis, MN

About: Raw Funk. Aggressive Soul. 8 pc. horn section.



Sunday, July 29 – Clyde Stubblefield Stage



Baghdad Scuba Review
Madison, WI

About: Since the band officially announced its name for the first time on New Years of 2005, Baghdad SCUBA Review has released their debut album Testing The Waters, opened for nationally known acts and not only performed, but have been asked back at the worlds largest music festival, Summerfest. BSR has also taken the stage at Farmapalooza, the Grateful Garcia Gathering (3G Fest), Atwood Summerfest, the Ides of March Festival and the Grickle Grass Jam. As a regular gigging Madison based band, BSR has played at such well known venues as: The Barrymore (Madison, WI), The Annex (Madison, WI), The High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI) The King Club (Madison, WI) The House of Rock (Eau Claire, WI) and is a perpetual band at Mr. Roberts (Madison, WI), which has become known to the band as home base since this venue is where it all began.

videos:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/BaghbdadSCUBAReview/videos/?ref=page_internal


Mr. Blotto

About:  Mr. Blotto was born in Chicago as an off-night vehicle for musicians who loved each others playing but were in different bands at the time. The only rule was that they would only play what they loved. That philosophy continues today and has led Mr. Blotto into unique musical situations.

Mr. Blotto takes the Jam band asthetic into areas unfamiliar to the standard Jam Scene. They have been known to cover entire albums by Led Zeppelin and the Who as well as perform entire shows of Country and Reggae. Artists as diverse as the Grateful Dead, the Flaming Lips, Willie Nelson and The Velvet Underground have seen their material interpreted by Mr. Blotto in the 2000+ shows the band has performed in the last 15 years, yet covers only pepper the bands hefty catalog of original material stemming from five studio albums and other unreleased crowd favorites.

“Barlow Shanghai”, the 5th and newest CD sees the band in collaboration with John Perry Barlow (lyricist to the Grateful Dead). This CD was released in 2006 and is available from the Official website www.mrblotto.com



Steely Dane
Madison, WI

About: Tribute to Steely Dan featuring local Madison legends. 20 piece band.



From The Cold
a tribute to the music Bob Marley
Madison, WI

Madisons reggae legends Natty Nation celebrate the music of Bob Marley. This show usually happens in February, now we’re able to bring it to the full blown summer of AtwoodFest.



Sunday, July 29 – Heritage Stage


Bryan Dewyor Duo
Madison, WI

about:  Bluesy, folky, street busker/performer.

MAMA Breakthru artist of the year

videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6A6R7SMrlI


Nooky Jones

About: features Eric Foss from Sonny Knight’s band… “…Equal parts Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo and Prince…” – Heavy Rotation, NPR

Article by Mister G:  http://greenarrowradio.com/2018/01/19/get-some-nooky-jones/


videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-Iiwla56dY




Stackhouse, featuring Jimmy Voegli and Xavi Lynn
Madison, WI

“Xavier Lynn is one of the best young guitar players I’ve ever met. He plays with an intensity and poise that you will rarely see in such a young musician. Xavier possesses the technical skill and confidence of someone twice his age. He is like a sponge constantly soaking up any style of genuine American music he sets his mind to play including jazz, blues, soul, gospel, and funk.” (Joe Nosek, Cash Box Kings)

Don’t let his age fool you, 18-year old Xavier Lynn is as well traveled as any seasoned bluesman. Originally born in London to American and British parents, Xavier grew accustom to life on the move, subsequently making his home in San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, Geneva, Switzerland, Madison, WI, and Cleveland, OH where he currently resides. While he was drawn to blues and gospel from an early age, his travels led him to learn and embrace a diverse array of musical styles.

In Geneva, he was introduced to music from Africa and the Caribbean, learning to play Central African gospel music and soukous, a popular form of dance music originating in the Congo Basin; as well as exploring the music of Guadeloupe with vocalist and francophone superstar Francky Vincent. Living in Geneva also afforded Lynn the opportunity to regularly attend the world-renowned Montreux Jazz Festival, where nightly jam sessions allowed him to sit-in with some of music’s biggest names, including the Roots, Jon Batiste, Nigel Hall, and Sam Smith. Ironically, the musician who most influenced him while in Europe was another American – drummer Vic Pitts of the late 60’s Milwaukee R&B group Vic Pitts and the Cheaters. From Pitts, Lynn gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of funk and R&B and was also introduced to Cheaters’ guitar player Van Patterson.

A 2014 move from Geneva to Madison, WI, enabled Lynn to further his relationship with Patterson who happened to still be living in Milwaukee. While working with Patterson, Xavier focused on gospel quartet and soul, and learned to tastefully incorporate his diverse musical background into the blues. Presently, Xavier is regularly playing throughout the Midwest and Europe, captivating audiences with his energetic stage shows and authentic enthusiasm for performance. In addition to fronting his own group, Lynn has also performed with the Jimmy’s, the Cash Box Kings, Russel Thompson (of the O’Jays), and the late Clyde Stubblefield of the James Brown Band. His debut solo album is set to be released in summer 2018.



Kris Lager Band
Omaha, Nebraska

about: For well over a decade The Kris Lager Band has been a vehicle for Kris Lager’s unique brand of original music. Self described as ‘Heavy Soul & Boogie Trance’ KLB doesn’t fall neatly into any one category or genre. The best way to categorize them would be ‘Feel Good Music’ because as soon as it hits you, you just feel good! Whether it is a funky soulful number, a groovy beat, a boogie guitar driven riff, or a tug on your heart strings ballad. A KLB song or show has that ability to just lift you up and make you feel good EVERYTIME!!

A KLB show is a legitimate Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival and an Electric Church. The energy this band throws out from the drop of the first note creates a feel good dancing, singing, and hollering great time. One that is truly contagious and impossible to sit still through. Kris Lager is one of the most dynamic front men you’ll ever witness with an unrivaled level of intensity and showmanship. He delivers raw, and powerful music through his emotional guitar playing and singing.

This brand of ‘Feel Good Music’ all begins with intentions. “I began playing music and writing music purely as a means of expression.” says Kris. “Put me in a crowded room and I wouldn’t say two words, but if you gave me a guitar and a microphone you would have to kick me off of the stage. I found music to be a wonderful safe haven in which I could exist and escape to whenever I desired. As I matured and grew I realized just how much joy could come from communicating with your bandmates and entertaining people, all the while expressing myself at the same time.”

As soon as Kris hits the stage you get the feeling you are witnessing a man on a mission. “I hit the stage with one intention and that is lifting up spirits. I believe the way to do that is through awareness of myself and others. It is something I call ‘The Holy Trinity of music’. There is me, the musician, and then my bandmates (or the people I am creating the music with), and then there is the audience. When I am in constant awareness of all three elements that is when the real magic happens. That is what I strive for as a performer, musician, and songwriter.”


videos:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/krislagerband/videos/?ref=page_internal