Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.
Psalm 96 Promotions & T present
"The 25 IN 24 Tour"
Featuring A Movie & Concert
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$40.00 Gold Circle - Early Entry & Preferred Seating

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It’s easy for a surfer to lose focus and fall into the steady pull of the crashing waves, and it’s easy for a musician to forget where they came from under the glaring lights, before a sea of adoring fans screaming their name. On a surfboard or on a stage, the ground is made of different matter, and truth defers to the engulfing chaos. Jon Foreman has treaded these waters for over 20 years, moored by the truth he carries in his bones.

In 1996, he began his music career heading an unassuming San Diego-based band, now known all over the world as the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning alt-rock group Switchfoot. 

Always feeling that there was more music in him than hours in the day, Jon began releasing solo EPs in 2007. Beginning with the Seasons collection, 4 EPs released over the course of a year and followed by The Wonderlands, a collection of 24 songs each representing an hour of the day.

Born from solitary introspection, The Wonderlands’ 24 tracks blossom with the diverse yet cohesive contributions of 24 different producers, each interpreting the meaning of Jon's vocals through their own instrumental vision.

"Through song, I'm trying to explore the physical space of music. I wanted to create a place that would exist only when you press play; a place of light and shadows, tension and release, things that you know and things that you don't know. It's incredible that you can create a mood, almost a structure of feeling. All 24 songs will correspond with

different moods of the day. At the end I'm going to do 25 concerts in 24 hours."

This spring, the film 25 IN 24 will be released world wide March 2018,  documenting the improbably journey of playing 25 shows in 24 hours. The film, 25 IN 24. In February of 2018, Jon and friends will embark on an 18 city tour of the US. Reliving the 24 hour experience through songs, and a screening of the film, 25 IN 24.


2090 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI, 53704